Sony A7sii and Davinci Resolve Review

Hey peeps, a bearded barista and a good friend of mine got married last month in beautiful sydney and we shot his Wedding! It was a good opportunity to review the gear we just shot this wedding with. I hope you might find this short review useful…otherwise just enjoy the video ?

So a week before the wedding we’ve upgraded from canon 5D’s to Sony A7Sii’s cause you know “Canon is taking a long nap when it comes to DSLR video”. What I mean by that, is that the specs from Canon’s DSLR/entry cinema market aren’t really 2017.

We shot S-LOG II not III as you may already know that’s the faster log format to work with and it’s definitely less noisy. It was so hard to focus with but I later discovered that there’s a hidden feature in the back menu that’s an unbaked rec708 LUT you could apply to your display and with peaking, you should get a pretty solid image reference to work and focus with. The other thing to be aware of is to over expose your skin tones by roughly 2 stops as the camera records 8bit 4:2:0 internally- so lifting mid-tones in post might get a little messy during that process in Sony log.

Canon lenses are a great combo if you can live with some metadata glitches that happen (not quite often). But there’s a lot to love about the camera such as:

  • It’s ability to record 4k (beware that vignetting WILL occur if you’re using a speed booster rather than a normal adapter).
  • * The built-in sensor gimbal “IBIS” which is by far my favorite feature so far.

Speaking of gimbals, this camera is so light-weight and small that you could easily attach it one of those new single handheld gimbals without any effort. We used the Beholder DS2″?” and I could honestly say it’s the most under-rated piece of equipment in the camera market right now when it comes to its kind. Forget about the Osmo and get this thing if you thinking of investing in one.

The only thing I wish I had in the shoot was a variable ND.. it’s a must for exteriors!

Now with post, I was a little unorthodox and might be the first wedding shooter out there who attempted to go through the entire post process with Davinci Resolve. All I could say is that we are already living in the future because this software is a game changer! It smashes Nuke, FCX and Premiere out of the water when it comes to a professional AIO NLE tool and can’t wait to work with it more on bigger projects.

BlackMagic has always had a place in my heart because they’re Australian and they’re really looking out for indie filmmakers. Really looking forward to giving their cameras a chance in the future and I’m willing to take a risk.

Hope you found this helpful somewhat and let me know if you have any relative questions. Peace out.