Directed by Jonathan Wilhelmsson

A disillusioned businesswoman dreams about being the only person in New York

Director Jonathan Wilhelmsson had a whole bunch of footage he took on a recent visit to New York. Painstakingly, he undertook a digital painting technique, where he mapped out and shot some great exteriors, with the idea of emptying them out, free them from people and play around with what was left, with some great assistance from Ramy Daniel for the scenes shot in Sydney.

And yes, we know that taxi’s look very different here in Sydney than New York, but it turns out peak hour on Thursday night is full of Taxis…alas for us. 

This film was made by Jonathan with no budget, and relied hugely on a small number of friends, helping each other out. To us, that’s what a lot of film making is.

Check out the below video, showing some of his amazing talents and process in creating similar visual effects for his earlier project – ‘Waltzing Tilda – Making a Post-Apocalyptic Short Film’.  

The short film features  actor and filmmaker Holly Fraser, who featured in Jonathan’s previous film ‘Waltzing Tilda’, which was release to much critical acclaim, winning Best Drama Short at Stockholm Independent Film Festival in 2017, as well as taking out awards at Dalarnas, film festival in the same year. 

Check out Waltzing Tilda here: