We’re a Sydney video production that loves to create extraordinary content.


We love to tell a story.

Cope Street Crew is a Sydney video production company formed by Ramy Daniel.

With a background in documentary filmmaking, we are passionate about helping you to create videography for your advertising, promotional, corporate, or event needs.

Hard-working and passionate, they have end-to-end experience in bringing together your film and video production from beginning to end.

As business owners ourselves, we understand that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to every project. We offer great flexibility and guidance to our clients – so they can achieve their best video content for any given budget.

An amazing film is comprised of captivating, beautiful frames with a compelling story. It takes the viewer away to glimpse another, exciting world. No matter the scale of the project, these are the principles that we apply to our projects.
Advertising & Promotional
film & Documentary



We work with your ideas, provide advice and budget planning to bring your script to life – making sure your video content has maximum impact for its chosen audience.


We ensure the best equipment, talent, and locations are incorporated into the content while within an agreed budget.


Our team of editors, colourists, sound mixers and editors ensure that the final product looks and sounds amazing.


The object of a marketing videos is to encourage viewers to take action. To pick up the phone and ring, or email the business. It is worth noting that is is mostly your content that drives traffic to your website. Our Sydney video production crew focuses on generating videos which supports the business to create traffic-generating content. Above all, the aim is to make sure that the audience likes what they see so much in the short video, that they will be encouraged to investigate further.


First of all, a video is currently by far the most effective form of marketing. Producing a video that will demonstrate a personality of a real estate agency or agent. Also, the beauty of the property, or an entire community with an engaging clip will undoubtedly result in further interest from potential buyers. Therefore, our video production team employs cinematic techniques that are proven to bring you and your property to life. Rest assured, our Sydney video production crew will produce captivating video. We guarantee that your potential buyers and sellers will engage intently from the beginning of the video content, to the final cut.


Whether you market a product or a service, there’s nothing more influential than a genuine testimonial. Our Sydney video production crew has extensive experience in filming testimonial videos. We will help you steer clear of the common pitfalls, such as entirely scripted and stuttering monologues delivered straight to camera. As a result, your testimonials come out looking authentic, heartfelt, and compel viewers to the take the action you seek. Our Sydney video production crew will certainly get the job done.


Firstly, Training Videos have been around for a long time. The type of training video that will work today is very different from what a Sydney video production would typically produce years ago. As a result, we aim to apply the latest trends in scripting and design to your video content. In summary, we ensure that your investment in producing training videos will help your viewers to learn, absorb, and apply the material.


Beyond merely turning up to film your interview with a video crew, we will add value by making your interviews sound and look awesome. Interviews are certainly a great way of getting your message out.  From candid hand-held and natural lighting styles, to more formal sit down interviews, our Sydney video production crew is here to help.


First of all, TV is a very different medium to online; therefore it requires special considerations in terms of budget, equipment and talent. People respond and engage with media differently online than they do to TV. Taking into consideration our previous experience in TVC’s,  our Sydney Video production shooters know how to apply these learnings to create a video that is well optimised for TV.


If your company or brand offers a special type of product or a service which is  new, or possibly hard to understand, then our explainer video could be for you. Ultimately, we aim to ensure that your potential clients are on the same wavelength as you, and know exactly what idea, product, or service that you are are putting forward. Talk to our Sydney video production crew to find out more!


Preparing a product launch, conference, networking event or another sort of business conference soon? Our Sydney video production shooters can attend your event – cameras, and gear in tow. We will shoot content throughout the day and night, capturing all the action, and editing the footage into an entertaining highlights reel (even a same-day edit if you require).  With the objective of showcasing the success of the event,  these event  video production services are great for posting on your website as a summary of the event, leading to high engagement and attendance for current and future events!


Firstly, when you are on the look to hire new employees to help grow your business, it is like an internal sales exercise itself. You need to show potential workers how fabulous your business is to work for. Furthermore, you want recruitment video content that will explain to your employment talent pool, the  career progression they can expect with you. As a result of your recruitment video, you aim to showcase the attractiveness of your business culture,  illustrating the best components of your business through a short, concise and fun video –  leading to you drawing in the most qualified staff to apply for work at your company. 

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